rubber gym flooring looks like wood Search

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts FAQ for Xbox 360 by sakurayule

Those Gruntbots look like they could make good plugs too ----- Get Jiggy With It Beat the Fleet Player's Choice How to win: You only have to kill 16 enemy boats, so build a boat with a gun and lots of ammo and hop to it. The boats all die fairly quickly, so as long as you've built a well moving boat, you'll do fine. But do be sure that your "boat" is capable of land travel so you can jump

Kirby Super Star FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by

Looks more like a Koopa shell to me Go right and through the door. Whoo, boy, this one took me FOREVER to figure out First, create a helper . Its necessary. Then, go right and destroy the bomb block. Jump into the water. Youre Burnin Leo friend should follow you. Theres a fuse in the water. I had no clue of how to light it its underwater , until I noticed that if I had

The Urbz: Sims in the City FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy

The ones need repairing are in the lobby and the gym. Repair it like you did to the television. When finished, talk to Kris Thistle Mission 4: Find the Key Started by: Kris Thistle Objectives: Earn 1 Mechanical Point Pick the Lock Find the Key Goal 1: Earn 1 Mechanical Point Go to the television and look at the bench. Go study mechanical Goal 2: Pick the Lock Go to the Law Office and go to the

Pokemon HeartGold Version FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by

I also did a little formatting stuff, like centering the Gym Leader Pokemon so they now look the same as those of the Elite Four. Here's hoping this walkthrough might be a bit more preferable to people now. The number of topics I've seen on the message boards for questions that are easily answered in here is astounding >>; 1.02 - 31 / 9 / 09 Changed Safari levels again from 37 to 36 as well

Bully FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by Brokaliv

Unlocks better weapon accuracy ===== Gym Class 5 ===== For the final class you are once again in dodgeball, as last time nothing has changed for the challenge sadly so look at "Gym Class 2" for any needed hints. Unlocks better weapon accuracy 3.1.5 - Shop In shop class you must match the button presses with the icon that flashes on the screen. Unlike Chemistry you must now rapidly

Final Fight CD FAQ/Walkthrough for Sega CD by

Abigail looks an awful lot like one of the wrestlers from the Legion of Doom I think his name was Hawk , the popular tag team of what was then the WWF. And I'm sure the game is filled with other references I would pick up if I played through it again. Interesting observations RedRyder1917. In the same vein, "Poison" was a 1990 song by New Jack Swing group Bell Biv DeVoe, so our "Girl" Friday

Fallout 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Reb

It looks like a box. Just take it back to him for 1000exps and don't bother to listen to the crap he says. You can get a quest from Farrel to clear out his garden. He doesn't give you anything but you get some exps for killing the things in his garden. You can now do the quest to find out what's going on in at the farm. Hopefully you talked to Karl in the Den as I said earlier or you're pretty

The Sims Bustin' Out

* If its Vernon Peeve look near the area where the gym and clocktower are, also check the area around the docks and don't forget the Burning Spoke Biker bar. * If its Ephram Earl look in the haunted shack. Use the sewers to get there, he is the ghost. The funny thing is, he also comes to some of the auctions to bid for items. Wierd. If you still can't find the person, then just go to any phone

The best iPhone X cases

Tech21 has a handful of cases for the iPhone X, including the Pure Clear, Evo Tactical and Evo Wallet, which looks like the Tactical but has an integrated cover. The Evo Tactical is drop tested to

Grand Theft Auto IV Game Script Explicit for

Niko You look like you can look after yourself as well, man. Jacob I might have some work for you now Niko. Here's my number. <at the cafe> Jacob Thanks for everything, ya can keep the piece. I tink ya know fe use it better than I an' I do. One love. <phonecall to Roman> Niko Roman, I took Jacob where he wanted to go. Driving for you ain't as boring as I thought it would be. Roman Jacob is a

LittleBigPlanet FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

Back on the ground, look behind the large cactus on the left for two prize bubbles - one is in the air: RED WOOD and ORANGE WOOD . Head right and pull the stacked blocks to the right. Grab the BROWN STRIPY FABRIC , and look behind the small cactus nearby for a THIN CACTUS . Jump over the spikes and collect the ROUND CACTUS while doing it. Climb the mountain - jump on the red button to

The Sims: Makin' Magic FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Simply click the icon that looks like a roof, and you can choose the pitch and style of the roof. You don't have too many choices, but you should have plenty to work with. I'll describe the other tools in Build Mode to you here The far left icon of the top row is the landscaping tool. With this, you can raise, lower, or level the land; you can also grow or shrink grass, making your lawn a